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As a certified electrical engineering facility supplying the needs of many industries, including the Oil & Gas drilling and Construction, Impulse Electric have engineered an extensive range of electrical system and power needs to serve our extensive customer base.

Impulse Electric electrical systems are designed and tested within our own electrical engineering facility, with Impulse Electric having certified technicians to undertake all our customers’ electrical product requirements through design, development testing and final assembly. .

Many of our electric drive units and control systems are packaged inskidded and mobile equipment with final assembly within our own for a facility or that of our customers.

Many systems now employ for efficiency and maximum productivity variable speed control motors. Impulse Electric is very experienced in this technology and supply all the controls and distribution system as well as the motors. Many final assemblies are moving from traditional mechanical systems to full electric drive units..

In addition to supplying motors that can operate outside in all ambient conditions we also supply full generator systems, packaged in purpose built enclosures for on-site power.