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Key Contacts

Please find below a listing of key contacts and personnel.

David Johnston
Office: 432-332-2000
Mobile: 432-238-9955
E-mail: davidj@impulselectric.com

Jake Watkins
General Manager
Office: 432-332-2000
Mobile: 432-208-0510
E-mail: jake.impulse@yahoo.com

Elaine Johnson
Office: 432-332-2000
Fax: 432-332-2003
E-mail: elainej@impulselectric.com

Dee Lewis
Accounts Payable
Office: 432-332-2000
E-mail: ediel@impulselectric.com

Kaylynn Rameriz
Accounts Receivable
Office: 432-332-2000
E-mail: kaylynnr@impulselectric.com